My research interests are within an integrated perspective on sustainable transportation, i.e. how how technology, business, and societal aspects meet to provide transportation systems that are long term sustainable.

Selected Projects and Works

Test Site Stockholm – a test arena in Stockholm where industry, authorities and academy meets to create and test future sustainable mobility systems based on connected and  automated technology.

System level impacts of self-driving vehicles – where the goal is to understand impacts of self-driving vehicles on a national level.

Future scenarios for self-driving vehicles in Sweden – The development of Self-Driving Vehicles (SDVs) is fast, and several vehicle manufacturers have announced that they will launch fully self-driving vehicles to the market around year 2020. SDVs have the potential to disruptively change mobility and transportation – but the question remains open: how will this future look like?

Off-peak city logistics –  what happens if we switch and run city distribution with heavy trucks during nigth time instead of during peak-hours (which is the normal case in Stockholm and many other cities today)?




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