I am a senior researcher at Integrated Transport Research Lab (ITRL) at KTH, where I am also managing the research are Connected and Automated mobility. I have experience from both 19388697_1613368112020844_8015508079560361379_oindustry and academy, and from both research and managing roles.

My research is within integratade transportation, i.e. where technology meets business and society. One example is system level impacts of new technologies such as self-driving vehicles and mobility services.

Transportation, and in particular sustainable transportation, has become my passion. I don’t really know how it started; sometimes it feels more like transportation chose me than that I chose transport. I did my master thesis at the Saab in Linköping, and thought it was mostly a very interesting project: navigation, sensor fusion, and hidden Markov models. Half a year later I found myself developing engine control software at the heavy truck company Scania. I loved the combination of writing code and then immediately test it for real, in real trucks. I got the opportunity to become an industrial PhD student at Scania, and worked with a project on drawing conclusions from different types of data to support diagnosis and troubleshooting. I guess it was somewhere here I started to understand that I did not only like challenging technical problems, but I also loved transportation. I continued in different roles at Scania. I tried to leave the transportation industry, but always came back to it, and have also worked in railway industry.

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  1. Martin S. says:

    Stiligt med egen domän och fin sajt! (Men bloggposterna borde vara på förstasidan, inte “gömt” under ett menyalternativ)

  2. Alva says:

    Coolt med utmärkelsen, grattis till den! Var det du som var doktorand för inte så länge sedan eller var det någon annan bloggande tjej som jag blandar ihop dig med?

  3. Alva says:

    Du behöver inte besvara min fråga, fann svaret under “Om Anna”. :-)

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